Discovery Summit Civil Engineering for Multi-Family Housing Summit Park Utah Discovery Summit Land Planning for Multi-Family Housing Utah Discovery Townhomes in Summit Park, Utah

Discovery is a hillside development that was targeted by Summit County as an affordable housing project. It is an integrated community of affordable and market-rate housing. It also integrates townhomes, twin homes, and single-family homes within the development. 

This was all accomplished on a site with steep topography, difficult soil conditions, existing mature trees, a creek that bisects the project, wetlands, and a flood plain. The project consists of 46 townhome units, six twin home lots, and 37 single-family lots situated on 69 acres.

Client Michael Milner ALG
Location Summit Park, UT
Project Duration 2012 - 2017
Services Master Planning, Civil Engineering, Mass Grading Design, Earthworks, Bridge Design, Detailed Hillside Grading